237 Shore Acres Dr. North Hero, VT 05474

Dog Friendly

Meet Sawyer, Our Chairman of the
Welcoming Committee

Dogs Welcome! Shore Acres allows well-behaved dogs to stay in our rooms.
We do not have designated rooms for dogs. We charge $15.00 per dog per night. No size or breed restrictions.

Dogs must be with their owners/caretakers while outside their rooms. Dogs are not allowed in the room unattended. We ask that you bring a crate if you are coming down for dinner or leaving the property without your dog. We have designated areas to walk and run your dog and when you arrive our dog policy will be reviewed.

PLEASE PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG ANYWHERE ON THE PROPERTY. We have supplied two convenient waste stations with bags located near the front entrance (housekeeping shed) and in front by the dock at the lake.

We do not allow cats, birds, reptiles, etc.